Our mission is to build understanding and knowledge among women and adolescent girls about their social, political and economic rights with appropriate skills to exercise and protect their rights against all forms of violations so as to reach their full potential.
  • Email:ewagiretanzania@gmail.com |
  • Phone: (+255) 692 812 302


The EWAGITA has several objectives:

  • Advocate on Gender Equality in Tanzania
  • Promote Safe space for Women and Adolescent girls and boys
  • Raising awareness on existing Legal and Human Rights that protects for women and girls
  • Empowering community on Human rights and Girl's Education impacts on communitya


  • EWAGITA is believing in sharing information about rights and responsibilities. Most of our works are using Human Right Based and Participatory Approach where everyone has humans are equal, respected and values so their contribution towards development of women and girls matters.